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Here's a list of the main characters:

---Main Characters---
Preh Nospred: Teh Main Character

Preh is defined by his green hair, and the fact that his speech is green. Because of this, he is suspected to have undiagnosed synesthesia. He acts dumb, but is actually quite clever when he wants to be. Or maybe he's just doubly-dumb. Like most characters in the Ragecomic universe, he has a constantly, dramatically changing face and extremely thin limbs. He enjoys the popular websites Bulbagarden, TVTropes, and Wikipedia.

Random Girl:

Random Girl also speaks in color constantly, though she speaks in orange instead of green. Having a very unfortunate name, Random is a bit of an introvert, often hiding her decent singing ability. She likes the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion, and appears to be slightly interested in Preh Nospred, if you know what I mean. She is known to be left-handed.
She also has several identical siblings who don't like her very much.

The Professor:

Real name: unknown. The professor teaches Derpiness 101 at Preh's school. He's very strict, and expects only the best from everyone. He dislikes Preh, though, and gives him harder work often. He even follows Preh around outside of school sometimes, just to insult him. He speaks in cold, black text, like most people in the Ragecomic world. He is also one of the few true atheists of the Ragecomic world.

---Supporting Characters---

-Members of The Coolface Order-

Troll-1 is a member of the organizations known as Anonymous and The Coolface Order, a secret society of Internet Trolls bent on taking over the world by way of flaming YouTube comments, among other things. He heavily dislikes the Twilight Saga book series, among other noobish things. His greatest rival is another Troll, who goes by the screen name leothertroll. Troll-1 once fought leothertroll IRL and won, proving his swag, as well as hacking skills. He is hiding a dark secret, though...


leothertroll, a self-proclaimed badass and high-ranking member of The Coolface Order, speaks only in bloodred lowercase letters except when putting emphasis one something, in which case he speaks in only red uppercase. He's been kicked out of YouTube, but loves 4chan. The following is taken from the blog of leothertroll: "fool u best be runnin cuz trolla claus is comin to town! all u twighlight noobz can jus suck som coal cuz i aint givin prezents to suckaz. and troll1 u can just suck it cause u dont even lift nd i can out-troll u any day. WOO"


This rainbow-haired, upside-down, pink-papyrus-talking weirdo has only been sighted in public a few times. Not much is known about him, but his distinctive face marks him as an Internet Troll.

-Other Characters-
The Randerp Gang

The most generic group of people ever, The Randerp Gang are a bunch of weirdos who have rapidly changing facial expressions and who communicate mostly in DERPs.

-------TO BE CONTINUED-------